The Uniqueness of Our Mortgage Broker Proposition

One thing we have taken note of over the years, is that it’s easy to say you are an expert or specialist in a certain field, but without the right credentials to back this up it can be a flaw in any business.

Prior to launching our specialist lending department we knew potential limitations to our own service offering, in the sense that we’d be unable to directly advise on some highly complex and stupendously unique lending scenarios, and due to this we had an introducer agreement with a firm who could deliver such specialist mortgage advice.

Granted, this may have been a small percentage of clients who needed this type of service, but at Pinnacle we want to create a platform that can cater the full lending spectrum, covering the most conventional residential or buy to let mortgage, all the way through to the most absurd of mortgage arrangements, that in most realms you would think are impossible.

So, from our core company values of being able to cater for all clients, irrespective of loan size, personal circumstance, someone’s age, complexities of the case, we could essentially be in a position from the get-go to assess and manage your enquiry all under the banner of Pinnacle, without the need to refer elsewhere.  This was part of what led to the launch of specialist lending.

The next phase was to ensure we recruited an individual to spearhead the department, who shares our vision of delivering outstanding customer service and advice standards, but also be a true professional in the field of specialist lending and have the desire to create something completely extraordinary.  Fortunately, through good timing and connections in the industry, we attracted the perfect individual to join us as Director of Specialist Lending.  That individual being the vastly experienced and skilled Daniel Gracie.

Thus, the nucleus of the department was formed.  The next step was to launch the newly formed department with incredible gusto and precision, which took time and planning, whilst ensuring a highly credible team of mortgage specialists were brought in to the fold.  We were always conscious of creating a specialist lending experience that could perfectly coexist with our conventional mortgage broking proposition, so clients could interact between the two seamlessly, and not feel like they are dealing with two separate entities.

It is all of these noted factors that has allowed us to see through our vision of launching a specialist lending platform, and has helped us create a brokerage that has the capabilities to assist in all lending scenarios, and allows us to be distinctively different in the mortgage market, in all the right ways.

If you would like to find out more about our services and proposition, then please do not hesitate to contact one of the team who will be happy to answer any questions you have.