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Million Pound Mortgage Broker

As stated in the name, million plus lending refers to any mortgage exceeding a loan amount of £1 million.   These high value loans can help you to purchase your new luxury home, fund an investment property or simply remortgage your existing property.   Some lenders are unable to offer such loans, but here at Pinnacle, we have established relationships in the mortgage market with lenders who are happy to provide bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

What can I use a million plus mortgage for?

As stated above, there are a multitude of reasons why you may need a million plus loan.   Only a small minority of lenders are comfortable lending such a high amount on a residential property, and thus their criteria can be a lot more strict.   Our brokers can help you navigate these obstacles by offering the relevant insight and knowledge to ensure both yours and the lenders needs are met.   Alternatively, you may be looking for an investment property, such as a buy to let or commercial property.   This process can be much different when compared to the purchase of a residential property.   They tend to require a higher deposit amount, and the mortgage can have higher interest rates.   These types of property require greater flexibility on the lenders part, as the type of property can very so much.   Thus, it is incredibly important to find a lender who is comfortable in providing mortgages in this area.

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What can Pinnacle do for you?

Our brokers have access to a large network of lenders, including high street lenders you may already know, as well as building societies and private banks.   Pinnacle can act on your behalf to secure a loan that is bespoke in its design, tailored to your specific situation and circumstances.  When it comes to million plus lending, underwriters can be a lot more accommodating in their criteria, allowing you the flexibility you need.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • A dedicated mortgage broker, with a high level of service and discretion, acting on your behalf and in your best interests. Obtaining a million plus mortgage requires a great deal of negotiation, and our brokers have the expertise to work with you to ensure we find the best mortgage for you.
  • Experience in dealing with cases with a number of complexities, including UK residents, foreign nationals, expatriates and more. Here at Pinnacle, our vast knowledge of the mortgage market means that we can find a lender best suited for you and your circumstances as quickly as possible.
  • Established relationships with a large network of lenders to ensure you are offered the best loan available, including exclusive rates. When it comes to million plus mortgages, the interest rate is more important than ever.   A high interest rate can mean extortionate monthly payments, so we’re here to help you obtain the best rates possible.
  • Solutions for complex income arrangements, including foreign currency. We have experience in dealing with clients with income sources beyond salary, such as those who are business owners and investors.   As well as this, many of our clients receive earnings in a foreign currency, so our expertise in this field will ensure the lenders we source are comfortable with this.
  • First and second charge mortgages, remortgages and bridging loans. Our diverse understanding of the mortgage market allows us to secure finance for whatever your needs are.

Within our Specialist Lending department at Pinnacle, we understand that each and every client is different, as are their needs. This is particularly the case when clients are looking at borrowing over £1m, as this will often require a lender with an appetite for larger cases, which not every high street bank has. Our close connections and relationships to private banks and building societies enables us to present such cases to the lender to formulate a bespoke lending solution. Often with mortgages over £1m, there will be other quirks to the case such as large land acreage, complex income structures or unique property types. We approach each case with the utmost diligence and care to ensure the right lending solution is found, tailored exactly to your needs and individual requirements. You can be assured of our expertise and experience when dealing with cases of any size and clients of all backgrounds. Get in touch today to speak with our specialist lending team if you’re looking for a mortgage over £1m.