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Luxury Asset Based Financing

Luxury asset based lending is an ever-growing industry for asset rich individuals. Whether your collateral to use is a watch, yacht, classic car or fine art, or you are looking to purchase one of the aforementioned, Pinnacle can help you.

Over the past decade, the value of certain luxury assets has risen by an estimated 171%, and more and more high net worth individuals are using luxury assets to unlock liquidity due to this increase, or purchase to add to their collection.

With years of expertise in the financial industry, one of the services Pinnacle can offer are mortgages. Our expert team can assist you in finding the ideal mortgage for you, with a range of different options from Buy to Let, Bad Credit Options, Remortgaging and services for First-Time Buyers too. Browse through our mortgage services and see what Pinnacle can do for you.

What are the advantages?

Whilst luxury asset financing tends to have high interest rates but with that, there are numerous attractive advantages to individuals seeking a short-term loan:

  • Fast approval, valuing luxury assets is a swift process most of the time, if you’re using a lender who specialises in luxury asset financing, the process is quick as they know what steps they need to take to gain a speedy approval
  • Long term financial sense. Whilst it may seem easier to leave your money in the bank, its value may never increase.  In fact, dependent on your bank’s interest rate, it’s value could even depreciate over time. Alternatively, the value of luxury assets is going up. This will mean the longer you can hold onto your asset, the better the return you’ll receive.
  • Discreet process, the credit approval can be dealt with in a way that it respects your privacy, which is helpful to entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals, who will not want their investors or the media to jump to conclusions.
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Luxury Car Finance

Whether you’re looking to purchase a rare or exotic collectable vehicle, or the latest supercar, Pinnacle can help you secure you the finance you need.   Tailored to your specific situation, we can help you find solutions whatever the case.   We have access to many lenders who specialise in luxury vehicle financing options, allowing us to source the best solution for you.

Art Finance

Art collections are a prized possession for all who hold them, but they can also be used to unlock liquidity and raise capital.   Pinnacle can negotiate with lenders on your behalf to source the best rates and terms available, to ensure you are maximising your potential.

Luxury goods finance

If supercars and art aren’t for you, there are a multitude of other luxury goods that we can help you obtain finance for.   Whether it be jewellery, designer handbags or expensive watches, Pinnacle can help secure you the finance you need for your purchase.   Alternatively, we can also help you leverage your luxury goods to unlock liquidity.   By using your asset as collateral, Pinnacle can help you obtain a loan with the most competitive rates.