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Mortgages for Complex Income

These days, a lot of people have more than one source of income which can fluctuate and not be the same amount every month unlike a 9-5 job. With this, a lot of high street lenders may not see your situation the same way most would and may be reluctant to lend to you as they may see it as a big risk. Pinnacle can help you with our specialist team who are available 7 days a week.

Through established connections, vast knowledge of complex income, and an ‘outside the box’ approach, we have a track record of delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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What qualifies as complex income?

Complex income comes in different forms, you can have more than one source of income, you are employed full time and also run a company on the side (freelance), you receive income from shares or stocks or also from property, you have a salary in one area and a consultancy fee in another contract.

We do understand that whilst all your bills are paid on time, and it doesn’t seem like there is a financial problem for you. When it comes to finding a mortgage, providers may not see it in the same way and question your situation and potentially not offer the most competitive products on the market due to your unusual finances.

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Will having complex income affect my mortgage application?

With complex income mortgages becoming more and more common these days, a complex income can still cause issues during the application process. Lenders always prefer applications that are simple and tick all their criteria boxes and don’t require extra footwork or risk management on their side. It’s common for individuals with complex income to have gaps in earning and employment or even have a bad credit history and all these factors will have an impact on your affordability criteria being met by a lender. Whilst most lenders will still be happy to provide you with a mortgage, they will generally require a larger deposit, or they will charge a higher interest rate.

How can I get a mortgage with complex income?

Here at Pinnacle, we have a whole specialist mortgage team dedicated to helping individuals with complex income secure a mortgage.

Using a mortgage broker is the best way for you to secure the best mortgage, we have years of experience and conduct a whole of market search to find you the perfect mortgage for your individual situation. We will guide you through the whole process from start to finish and thereafter. We are able to speak with lenders directly to ensure you get a mortgage that is affordable to you.

How can Pinnacle help?

As we’ve gone through, Pinnacle can help by approaching niche lenders to aid you in securing a mortgage, we have years of experience in the specialist mortgages of all shapes and sizes. Private banks can understand and account for complex incomes, such as foreign currency etc.

At Pinnacle, we assist clients with a broad range of complex scenarios that require bespoke tailoring only specialist lenders can provide. We work closely with our trusted network of lenders; our strong relationships will help ensure you receive the best terms for your circumstances.

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