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Expat Mortgages

For individuals who are expatriates living outside of the UK, it can be challenging to say the least to obtain a mortgage due lending limitations across the mortgage market. However, our team of high calibre mortgage brokers specialise in expat situations, and unlike most mortgage brokerages, we bring a wealth of experience in this particular lending field.

Due to our whole of market standing, we have access to a wide spectrum of high street lenders, building societies, and private banks, of which puts us in an exceptionally strong position to find a mortgage solution that is perfect for your needs. So, if you are an expat seeking expert mortgage advice regarding a UK based property, then get in touch with us today.

What makes us different?

In a climate when mortgage lending is scrutinised more than ever before, our chosen team of mortgage professionals have dedicated their careers to specialist lending. This precise component is what sets us apart from majority of other brokerages, as very few have the platform to offer ‘true’ specialist mortgage advice, of which expat mortgages is a key ingredient.

Whilst our specialist lending department can cater for all manner of unique lending scenarios, expat is a particular area we excel in, due to an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise within our team. We understand how to comprehensively navigate the expat mortgage market to ascertain all potential lending options, which is a crucial skill.

What is of paramount importance, is for a case to be suitably presented to a specific lender that showcases and reassures a prospective lender that this particular case represents a sensible risk on their part. These mechanisms applied consistently, in addition to the above factors, is what makes Pinnacle a standout specialist lending broker, and allows us to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

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How much can I borrow?

A mortgage whether you’re living abroad or in the UK will depend on two main factors. Deposit size and total provable income.

Generally, UK lenders will lend between 3-6 times the total annual income of applicants. This also is covered by additional factors such as employment history, debts, financial dependants and financial outgoings.

How can I increase my chances of approval?

Being an Expat or non-UK resident, it is of course possible to apply for a UK mortgage and here is a list of factors you can take to help increase your chances of being successful in the mortgage process.

  • Proof of earnings, with all mortgages you need to have a certain level of earnings, it is far simpler for full time employed individuals rather than self-employed individuals as they are able to provide payslips dating back over a period of time.
  • Credit History, it is not fundamentally necessary to have a UK credit rating for an expat mortgage, it certainly does go a long way when you’re looking to achieve the best rates for your mortgage.
  • Use an expert mortgage broker, Pinnacle have a team dedicated to these cases and are able to assist you from start to finish.
  • Keep some financial association in the UK, once again, maintaining some financial association in the UK will help your credit score and show that you make payments on time.

Can I get a buy to let as an Expat?

There is a high demand for expats to take out a buy to let mortgage and capitalise on the steadily growing UK property market.

A provider for buy to let mortgages will generally require a large deposit to be made. With all that said, expats who would like to take out a buy to let mortgage will be expected to come up with more money for the deposit as the risk factor for the lender is high.

Get in touch with Pinnacle today and start your journey with our expert specialist team available to help 7 days a week, we can approach niche lender to help find you the best rates possible.