The Power of Proactivity

One of the core objectives when setting up Pinnacle, was to create a mortgage broker firm that had a consistent approach to proactive behaviours, and for these to be implemented in a way that had the utmost positive effect on our clients.

Like most USP’s it is easy to say something, but to truly commit to what has been set-out is a challenge that most start-up and established businesses fall short on. Over the years we’ve closely monitored and tested this particular company value, to ensure not only are we as a firm delivering on our promise, but always striving to enhance our approach to proactiveness to achieve optimum standard.

Upon recent reflection it has been incredibly rewarding to see firsthand how my colleagues here at Pinnacle have taken on the proverbial baton, and quite literally run with the company ethos regarding a proactive mindset. Here are just a few recent examples that showcase our dedication and commitment to this crucial attribute.

LET DOWN BY ANOTHER BROKER FIRM REGARDING A REMORTGAGE; A client reached out to us having dealt with another broker firm, who had begun suddenly to ignore their calls and e-mails. Naturally the client was disgruntled about this and was seeking another broker firm to help in their plight. Not only did we contact the client within minutes of the enquiry being received, but both the mortgage broker and assistant worked promptly to source a solution, and also had the file prepared in stunning time so everything was readied to progress to application.

UNSUSPECTED ADVERSE CREDIT; One of the mortgage broker team was assisting a client who just had an offer accepted on a property. As we were preparing the file it transpired a recent default had appeared on the client’s credit report, which the client was complete unaware of. The broker in question not only laid out all possible options to the client, but offered detailed support on how to potentially look to fix the recent credit blip. The client who was baffled by what to do before the guidance offered, managed to have the default retracted which led to competitive mortgage terms being secured. Without this guidance the client may have either failed to realise their property ownership dream or paid a much higher premium to secure the mortgage.

URGENT FIRST TIME BUYER MEETING REQUIRED; We were approached by a client on a Saturday morning as they needed a face to face appointment to discuss their mortgage requirements. Even though the mortgage broker who was covering that area was working remotely at that time, they took it upon themselves to race down to the local office to meet with client in person. This was all arranged within two working hours, and the client was taken aback by service delivered by the mortgage broker. The assistant who was working at the branch orchestrated the arrangements of the meeting with aplomb, which also highlighted the strength of focused teamwork.

A MORTGAGE CLOSE TO COMPLETION; It goes without saying all cases are a priority in our eyes, but from time to time they’ll be a moment on a certain case that needs extra attention. In this instance we had a mortgage that needed to complete on a set date otherwise the whole transaction would fall through. What had caused unnecessary grief for the client is that the sellers solicitor and estate agent had been poor in communicating which had led to several delays. The allocated mortgage administrator used their initiative to closely track the case and ferociously chased all parties on the client’s behalf, with a no quit attitude. This drive led to the case completing on the planned date, and would have likely not done so if it wasn’t for the smart moves carried out by the administrator, who was working tirelessly with their mortgage broker.

What is great for us to see is that instances such as the above occur on a daily basis here at Pinnacle, and to this day the proactive approach we set out to deliver remains part of the very fabric of the company.