UK Expat Purchasing An Apartment In London

Our client contacted us having sourced our details online, as they were seeking to buy a property in West London, that was being acquired as an investment property whilst they are based overseas.

Their longer term plans were to potentially convert the property to their main residence when they relocate back to the UK in approximately 7 years’ time, so it was important to find a lender that was understanding and comfortable with their proposed plans.

In addition to this, the client was earning in a foreign currency via a permanently employed position. Lenders who can consider UK expatriates will have a defined list of acceptable currencies, as well as an approved countries list. Using our knowledge, we shortlisted the lenders that in principle could consider all aspects of the case.

From this point we assisted our client with gathering the items needed to build their file in preparation for a formal mortgage application. Prior to submission we had a thorough assessment conducted by the lender to limit the risk of any unexpected underwriting decision, which subsequently led to the application smoothly proceeding to completion.

The goal from the outset was for us to understand the client’ aims, preferences, and the case as a whole, then conduct meticulous research to professional standards to procure a suitable lender, at which stage verify all facets of the case and package this to impeccable standards.