Residential Mortgage For A Complex Relocation Back To The UK

Our clients had made an offer on a detached house in Aberdeen, Scotland, as they wanted to be closer to their family in the UK after being resident overseas for the past 20 years. As a British national and foreign national living in South Africa, they were having trouble finding a lender who could cater for their overall circumstances.

In addition to their complex residency status, their income didn’t fit the requirements of most lenders; the main earner was within two years of retiring and had recently sold a business, which would provide them with an investment-based income into retirement.

We needed both borrowers’ incomes to support the loan and it was our knowledge of lenders who could lend to overseas clients and utilise multiple foreign currencies, investment-based income and income into retirement that allowed us to find a solution.

Our clients were so happy that we were able to assist as they had been declined elsewhere and had lost hope that they could secure their perfect home and relocate back to the UK.

If you are looking to relocate or have investment-based income and want to see if you can obtain a mortgage, then do not hesitate to get in touch.