Our team can offer you secured loans, as Pinnacle are an independent secured finance broker. We provide tailored advice to clients throughout the UK, delivering excellence in our secured loans financial services.

Unlike unsecured loans, you will have to stake something against the loan. Our expert and honest advice means you’ll have 100% clarity on the secured loan you’re looking for. All of our secured loans are regulated by the financial conduct authority (FCA) and can be used as a personal loan. We also offer equity release, which allows you to free up capital to use as a personal loan, as a debt solution or for anything else you choose.


Changed your employment since arranging your first charge mortgage? If so, you may find your route to raising finance blocked by your current lender. Rest assured as we have a great range of lenders who provide a flexible approach to help you.

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Debt Consolidation

Are you struggling to make the repayments on an existing loan? By consolidating your debt you could find not only a more favourable rate, but also provide your disposable income with a much-needed boost.

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Secured Loans

Maybe you are just looking for some extra finances in order to give your kitchen a makeover, or perhaps you would like to help your children take their first step onto the property ladder. Secured loans can provide flexible terms to help make your plans a reality.

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Poor Credit

Have you been refused credit in the past? You may find that a second charge loan is the answer where conventional lending has failed. By securing the finance on your home, your likely to stand a better chance of turning that reject to an accept.

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Read our often asked FAQs.
  • What is a secured loan?

    A secured, or second charge, loan is an additional mortgage placed on the property behind your main mortgage. It is with a separate company and can be independent of your main mortgage’s terms. They often offer a flexible borrowing capacity for when it may not be possible on your main mortgage.

  • Can I release equity from my home?

    Secured loans offer the ability to reach the equity that may be in your home. You must consider the overall exposure with your current mortgage and calculate the difference between this and the market value. The difference can then be considered to be released, should you need.

  • What can I release funds for?

    Funds can be released for any personal need, but cannot be for business or gambling purposes. Conventionally funds are often released for the repayment of unsecured debts, to release funds for a child’s gifted deposit, or for home improvements.

  • Can I consolidate debts via a secured loan?

    Consolidating debts is often a primary reason for applying for secured loan and is more than acceptable. You will need to consider the level of debt that you are consolidating and take in to account that this may now be spread over a longer term, or moving from sole name to joint (depending on the ownership of the property).

  • What is a further advance?

    A further advance is a term given to further borrowing with your existing lender. This is not available with all lenders, but if applicable for you then the lender would open up a new “sub” account in addition to your main mortgage. This will need to be underwritten to ensure affordability and will be placed on a new product at the time of application.

  • How much can I borrow on a secured loan?

    This depends on the available equity in your home. Typically a secured loan can be arranged up to 85%-90% of the overall value of the property (minus your current mortgage).


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Our promise is to deliver impartial, expert advice to our clients, allowing you to make an informed decision. Via our independent status, we're perfectly placed to deliver suitable guidance.

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Excellent Customer Care

We truly understand the importance of delivering an exceptional customer experience. Our client feedback is testament to our commitment and dedication to exceeding all expectations.

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Our model provides you with access across the financial and property markets. By centralising this process, we can pass on not only the financial benefits, but also save you time and stress.

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We can offer appointments 7 days a week, between 9am to 9pm. Whether it's face to face, by phone, or online, we can accommodate to your preference. Your convenience is our goal.

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