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Our expert property development knowledge and experience is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Property development is fast-paced in the UK. No matter if it’s a small-scale project or a large development plan, instant access to funds is essential to get your project moving. Securing property can be time-dependent, and without the appropriate bridging finance available at your fingertips, things can quickly spiral into chaos.

All the planning, regulations and precise preparations count for nothing if you can’t access the much-needed finance in time. At Pinnacle, we can help change that. Bridging finance for a property development project can help turn your situation around quickly. So, whether you are running a “ground up” property development project or focusing on more minor plans, such as an extension, our bridging finance solutions can help you realise the project with that much-needed cash injection.

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Development Finance
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By reviewing who you are, your aims, and what you require from your new mortgage, we leave no stone unturned in finding you the perfect deal.
Development Finance
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Development Finance
Read our often asked FAQs.
How much can I borrow?
There are some methods to give you an approximate amount, such as multiplying your income by x5 or concluding how much you could afford per month.
Do I qualify for a bridging loan?
In order to qualify for a bridging loan, you must have a strong credit history. If you are having some credit issues, they may need to seek private lending options, which can often mean higher interest rates and fees.
What is bridging finance?
Bridging finance is a short-term funding option used to 'bridge' a gap between a debt coming due and the main line of credit becoming available.
How do I apply?
To apply, all you need to do is visit our contact us page to make an appointment or request a quote.
What fees do I have to pay?
For arranging a mortgage, we typically charge a fee of £295 which is only payable on receipt of a mortgage offer. However, this is dependent on your circumstances.
What services do Pinnacle offer?
We offer bespoke services ranging from property sales, conventional mortgage advice through to commercial loans and home insurance.
Available 7 days a week, from 9am to 9pm
Available 7 days a week, from 9am to 9pm