Are you interested in remortgaging? Or simply looking for remortgage advice? Then you’re in the right place. Here at Pinnacle, we specialise in delivering expert remortgage advice. With access to thousands of mortgage deals, you can trust that we’ll source a mortgage that is perfect for you.

So, whether you are looking to have a mortgage review, to save money on your existing mortgage, or raise funds for home improvements or consolidating debts, then contact us today for remortgage advice. Our friendly in-house mortgage advisors can help you decide what the best course of action is for you and your circumstances. We consider your complete financial situation, your future plans and aspirations and can recommend a range of remortgage deals that you can choose from.

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Below you can read our most frequently asked questions.
  • Can I get a mortgage?

    Depending on your circumstances you may have a wide selection of mortgage companies willing to offer you the mortgage you desire. With access to thousands of mortgage deals, our experts will find you the most suitable deal.

  • Can I consolidate my debts?

    If you own a property which has sufficient equity, then one option is to remortgage. You can remortgage your property to raise a lump sum of cash to consolidate your debts.

  • Am I a mortgage prisoner?

    We help mortgage prisoners daily. You will typically be classed as a mortgage prisoner if you are with a mortgage company already and subsequently no longer meet their lending criteria. In this instance we can offer a suitable solution to avoid you paying a potentially higher rate of interest.

  • Can I save money on my mortgage payments?

    In most instances we save clients money on their mortgage payments, which is possible via a whole of market access, allowing us to source the most competitive rates from across the UK mortgage market.

  • Can I get an interest only mortgage?

    It is possible on residential mortgages, but dependent on your personal circumstances, whilst it is much more common place to have this arrangement on a buy to let mortgage. Our qualified brokers can swiftly ascertain for you the likelihood of obtaining an interest only mortgage, and will advise accordingly.

  • Can I raise funds for home improvements?

    This is a common reason for releasing equity from a property. Lenders are generally comfortable with this, whilst we’ll provide a full rationale to the chosen lender as to why the mortgage should be agreed.


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