UK Mortgage for Expat in UAE

We provide high-quality mortgage advice for UK expatriates based in UAE who are looking to purchase or remortgage a UK property.

Mortgage Brokers for UK Expats in the UAE

Here at Pinnacle, we have a wealth of mortgage experience when it comes to specialist lending, in particular arranging finance for expats. This includes British citizens who happen to have made their home in the United Arab Emirates. If you would like to secure a mortgage deal from the UAE on a property in the UK, then our team of mortgage advisors can help you.

With access to thousands of deals, we will search the entire mortgage market. This way, we’ll ensure the whole of the market is considered when ascertaining which lender best fits your circumstance, focusing on your overseas status.

What Makes Our Mortgage Brokering Service so Outstanding?

Thanks to our wide knowledge of the UK mortgage sector, we can help track down mortgage deals that would not be commonly available through other brokers. We’ll focus our efforts on the type of mortgage providers who have a track record in expatriate mortgage arrangements, especially those offered to UAE residents.

Our specialist approach and ability to understand even the most complex of cases, will be showcased from inception. Our mortgage advisors have a proven track record of procuring successful mortgage solutions for our clients, even when the situation would seem a stretch too far.

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Depending on your circumstances you may have a wide selection of mortgage companies willing to offer you the mortgage you desire. With access to thousands of mortgage deals, our experts will find you the most suitable deal.

Yes, we have whole of market access. As we are an independent brokerage, and not tied directly to a group of lenders, we can access the full mortgage market. This exposure allows us to scour the market for the best lending arrangements for our clients.

Lenders can vary significantly in what they are willing to offer when assessing affordability. However, our team of expert advisors will thoroughly assess the market to ascertain your maximum borrowing potential, and will fully guide you along the way.

Our specialist lending proposition encompasses all aspects of mortgage broking. Our team of experts are true professionals in areas such as expatriates, foreign currency, high net worth individuals, large loans, and complex buy to let, just to name a few. This spectrum of expertise is what sets us apart.

What would my borrowing limit be as a UK expatriate living in the UAE?

We will be able to arrange a UK mortgage that is several times your annual income or joint income in the case of joint mortgage applicants. The total sum that will be offered will depend on how you are paid, for example in Dirhams or sterling, as well as how much you will be able to put forward as a deposit. Other factors on the property use will come into play, but this is where our expertise comes in.

What do I need to do to apply for a UK mortgage from abroad?

Simply put, you need a mortgage broker who truly can deal with the specialist aspects of the case. Choosing a broker who doesn’t have this experience will likely result in an unsuccessful outcome. Packaging your case is crucial, so we will guide you every step of the way as your case progresses, ensuring the correct documents form part of case setup.

Can buy-to-let mortgages be obtained by British expats based in the UAE?

Yes, this is possible. If you want to rent a property in the UK and need a mortgage to buy it, then similarly to a residential style mortgage, a well-versed broker is critical when finding the right lender and deal.

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We understand that every circumstance is different, and having a bespoke touch is essential in understanding a case. This openminded approach is what creates a professional standard that we always uphold.

Our team of bridging loan specialists are available to discuss your individual requirements, so simply complete the contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Here Is Just A Sample Of Our Reviews

As an expat of the UK, I was looking to remortgage my investment property situated in London. My broker at Pinnacle promptly found me a suitable lender, and an overall competitive deal.



Due to my complex employment situation and the time I spend outside the UK with work, I needed expert advice when arranging my mortgage. The team at Pinnacle duly provided this.


UK & Switzerland

We were looking to relocate back to the UK but had no idea where to begin. Our broker was immense at handling our enquiry and found us a great deal with a high street lender.

Elizabeth & Joel


I had an offer accepted on a holiday let in Scotland but was struggling to find a lender. I approached Pinnacle and they expertly found a mortgage solution that worked perfectly for me.



As a professional based in Dubai, I needed a specialist broker who could review my property portfolio. The results exceeded my expectations, and I would certainly recommend Pinnacle.



As Portuguese & French nationals residing in the UK, we were seeking a mortgage. We are both contracting, but none of this fazed our broker and they found us a mortgage that is perfect for us.

Joao & Anna