As a responsible company, we proudly contribute and support a net zero status.

Doing Our Part For The Environment

As we have grown as a company over the years, our focus on being only being a responsible employer, but also a role model in responsible business, has grown immensely.  In an age when the management of climate change is of paramount importance, we as a firm try to contribute positively wherever possible.

Some examples of this are encouraging all members of the team to adopt a green mentality, limiting waste to a minimum, restricting the use of paper, and have incentives such as our collaboration with One Tree Planted.  In addition to this the company directors have transitioned to fully electric vehicles, and as individuals embrace a total awareness to climate change and act dutifully in applying our actions.

One Tree Planted Partnership

We are proud to align ourselves with the team at One Tree Planted, who are a non-profit organsition that focus their efforts on global reforestation. Since 2014, One Tree Planted have more than doubled the number of trees planted each year, spanning across forty-three countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, and the Pacific.

Our incentive is that for every single mortgage we write, we make a donation to pay for one new tree being planted. This model allows us to assist One Tree Planted in their exceptional efforts in global reforestation.

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