Daniel Sparkes

Company Director

Daniel co-founded Pinnacle in 2016, along with his business partner, Sam Harding. The concept was to create a dynamic mortgage brokerage, that had potential to become a market leading mortgage institution. This in essence was the early formation of Pinnacle.

As a new business owner natural challenges formed around Daniel & Sam, such as economic uncertainty, political upheaval, and a pandemic. However, since inception they have been very fortunate to be tested by such events, which as a company has only made them stronger, and at the same time allowed them to perfect both their individual and company skills.

This has led to the Pinnacle proposition becoming highly credible, which has led to sustainable organic growth and expansion of the company. One of the many highlights Daniel eludes to is the results of bringing together a team of true industry professionals, that share a common bond of delivering outstanding performance, with the main principle being exceptional customer service.

As the company has grown, Daniel now leads the team in collaboration with Sam. This offers a unique platform to retain all key business ethics, of which are embraced by all who don the Pinnacle name, as well as role modelling not only expert mortgage broking, but also showcasing unparalleled professionalism and dedication.

Regarding the future, Daniel will admit he has no desire to be publicly lauded with accolades, however Daniel’s ambitions are fully focused on taking Pinnacle to even loftier heights.